When should you replace your bicycle helmet?

When should I replace my helmet?

Is often a question asked among experienced bikers as their equipment begins to get older. The US body, the Snell Foundation and many helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every five years. The Snell Foundation says that glues, resins and other materials used in helmet production can affect liner materials. Plus hair oils, body fluids and cosmetics, as well as normal “wear and tear” all contribute to helmet degradation. Petroleum based products present in cleaners, paints, fuels and other commonly encountered materials may also degrade materials used in many helmets possibly degrading performance.



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Remember when riding bikes was all about having fun? So do we.

After all, we’re big kids at heart over here, so creating the ultimate kids’ mountain bike felt more like a labor of love than a job for Specialized. For the all-new Riprock, they strove to create the bike that any of us would have drooled over as a little one. And with ultra-wide tires, supple suspension, a durable frame, comfortable, confident geometry, and strong, reliable disc brakes, we’d say that the Riprock is approved for fun anywhere that it goes.


Dirt, street, trails—the all-new Riprock doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. It’s purpose-built for fun, no matter how your little tike decides to ride it.

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13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes

13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes

– Especially if You’re Not Yet Convinced


1. E-bikes make pedaling easier.

2. They go pretty fast.. to a point.

3. You’ll ride a lot more, even if you already ride a lot.

4. There are e-bikes for everything.

5. They’re so much better than cars for daily errands.

6. Yes, you still get exercise, and e-bike pedaling is good for your health.

7. The batteries are already getting better.

8. But trail access can be risky.

9. They’re not cheap…but they can save you money.

10. They’re heftier than your average set of wheels.

11. They’re the future of transportation.

12. Soon, you’ll be able to race them.

13. It’s impossible to ride one without smiling.

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Trek 100

2018 Trek 100 – Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer


One Mile at a Time

VeloCity put together a fund raising team for the Trek 100 which raises money for the MACC fund and Vélocity’s owner John’s step brother Steve was part of the team. Brett Farve and Jens Voight came out to support the cause. This ride is considered one of the top charity rides in the nation and is right here in Wisconsin. Over the past thirty years they have raised over $29 million. See Steve’s comments below regarding the last part of his 100k ride.

“Another great day for the Trek 100!   I was riding in a larger group, and the two guys pulling (leading) waved the next two guys up.  One guy yelled back “we need another horse to pull, who will join me?”  So I biked to the front.  The other lead? Mr. Jens Voigt!   He said “Steve, you determine the speed, and I’ll match the tempo, no problems”.  So I biked with Jens Voight for the final 14 miles of the Trek, averaging 21-22mph.  My heart was racing, my legs were aching, but no way was I going to pass up the opportunity to bike side by side with Jens Voight, the 2008 Tour De France team winner.  We talked about his races, highlights, kids (he has 6 kids from 7 years to 22 years old), families, countries, and of course Trek. It was a truly a great day for me.”


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Why You Should Invest in a Bike Fit this Season

It’s not a luxury—a proper bike fit can help any cyclist ride stronger, more comfortably, and more often

Getting a bike fit can feel like an expensive indulgence reserved for pro cyclists. But it isn’t really—good bike fit is just as important an investment as the bike itself, and can not only increase your comfort on the bike, but make you faster and stronger without a single interval or endurance ride. If your bike isn’t fit properly, you’re sacrificing watts, increasing your chance of saddle sores, and just not having as much fun on the bike as you could be having.

“Fits are for everyone, especially new riders,” says Kyle Russ. The two primary advantages of a properly fitting bike are an increase in comfort and an increase in power. If your bike isn’t fit properly, for example, Russ says that your glutes may not be firing, so you’re missing out on a ton of power that’s already there. Consider this: you could spend thousands buying a bike that’s a pound lighter than what you’re riding now in order to shave seconds off of your time up a hill. But a bike fit—typically not much more than a couple hundred dollars—can gain you huge wattage increases without any extra work on your part. From a performance standpoint, the investment of a bike fit versus any other investment in bike gear is the wisest choice you could make.

As far as an increase in comfort is concerned, Russ laments the amount of riders he meets who struggle with saddle sores, numbness in their hands or feet, or back problems. “A lot of people stop riding because they’re uncomfortable,” he says, “And when you’re more novice and aren’t immersed in cycling, you wouldn’t even consider a fit. People think it’s for an elite athlete, but it’s a comfort and enjoyment thing.” Most of these issues are fixable with some minor changes to fit, he says, and cyclists shouldn’t need to struggle to ride comfortably.

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Riding for Focus and Riding for Veterans

Vélocity proudly supports the efforts of Project Echelon with equipment, mechanics and indoor training. The Elite Echelon Racing Team is racing to help veterans and their families regroup, recover and re-engage through physical fitness and self-discovery. The team kicked off Redlands Bicycle Classic this past month, one of the premier and hardest stage races in the country, with a podium!
Stem Academy Retail Champion Eric Hill, is founder of Project Echelon Racing and vice-president and co-founder of Project Echelon.

We salute the team and our veterans.

Long may we ride!

Wheel Upgrade Clinic

On Monday June 18th at 6 PM, come in to VéloCity for a wheel upgrade clinic.

We will cover the benefits of improving your wheel set, differentiate different wheels,
explain and educate on the differences of handbuilt wheels versus machine built carbon versus alloy,
how to maintain your wheels, the benefits of getting tubeless wheels and MUCH MORE!
The best investment anyone could make in their bike is an improved wheelset!


Come by to hear our expert give the lowdown on upgrading your wheels,
and there will be giveaway surprises and raffles!

 •  BOYD T-shirts, BOYD Water Bottles and Stickers • 

 • PLUS if you buy a set of wheels you get a $50 Wheel Bag • 

Stick around after the clinic at the Handlebar!

 • One 50¢ tapper after class to all attending this clinic • 

CALL 262.695.7433 to RSVP – limited spots!


We are the only Boyd dealer in the state of Wisconsin. Boyd wheels are arguably not only the best wheels you can buy, but they are the best value with superior quality,
their price is 20 to 35% lower than the competition.

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Positively Pewaukee


Positively Pewaukee, part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program is an award winning non-profit dedicated to making Pewaukee a premiere destination and a place people LOVE to call home by:


Waterfront Wednesday Concert Series

Hosted by Positively Pewaukee, the event is located at Lakefront Park in downtown Pewaukee at 222 W. Wisconsin Ave, just across the street from Vélocity. You may bring food and non alcoholic beverages into the park, no alcohol may be brought in. The concerts may be cancelled due to inclement weather, please check their Facebook page www.facebook.com/positivelypewaukee for updates.

Please stop by the Handlebar beforehand for a beer as alcohol cannot be taken into the park. Or try out one of our huge pretzels!

Find out more about Waterfront Wednesdays here


Saving Our Students

Protecting the children in our schools is of the utmost importance.  As violence in the world grows we are forced to address preparation in different ways.  Many schools around the country are implementing new equipment and training programs that will better prepare our school staff.  The Pewaukee School District is no exception.


Our campaign goal is simple: raise enough funds to purchase a trauma kit for every classroom, auditorium and gymnasium in the Pewaukee Public School District. Our Fire Department with help from the police department will offer training this summer and fall, so that the teachers and administrators know how to use the kits.

The cost is $130 per kit.

We need 200 kits in order to provide one for every classroom.

That’s a total of $26,000. A small price to pay for the lives of students and teachers throughout Pewaukee.

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Every crack, every pothole, every rough patch and bit of chip seal—the off-limits boneshakers to the smoothest homestretches—the Roubaix isn’t resigned to a single day in France, it’s made for every road, everywhere. And for models with the all-new Future Shock, rides are now even smoother and even faster.

Smoother is Faster

The Roubaix provides you with the tools you need to explore the road less traveled, while keeping room in your wallet for a mid-ride brew.


The FACT 9r carbon frame has all of the road absorbing, engineered compliance that you’d expect from a bike born on the cobbles, yet its compact endurance race design provides all of the responsiveness and performance you need for long days in the saddle.

FACT carbon fork is optimized for stiffness and responsive steering.

Shimano Tiagra shifting ensures reliable access to a wide range of gears.


The light weight frame has been constructed from our FACT 9r carbon fiber. Its stiffness levels are also off the charts, and compared to the SL4 iteration of yesteryear, you’ll experience a whole new, faster, and more efficient geometry. Through some engineering sorcery, however, we’ve managed to keep the same fit, feel, and position that we’ve all come to love from the SL4, and kept it consistent throughout the size-range due to our Rider-First Engineered™ construction.

Of course, you’re probably thinking, ‘get on to the suspension thing up front.’ We call it Future Shock, and essentially, it’s a piston in the head tube with 20mm of travel. We developed this technology in partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, and the result of this are a host of drastic performance improvements, namely in the vertical compliance department. Without giving a physics lecture, we found that focusing on vertical compliance, instead of fork splay, meant that we could improve smoothness, speed, and comfort in one fell swoop. And of all the bikes that we’ve tested with our Rolling Efficiency Model, the new Roubaix outperforms anything on the market.

Lastly, the Roubaix comes equipped with hassle-free mechanical disc brakes that’ll see you spending more time riding and zero time bleeding your brakes, a Shimano Tiagra drivetrain, and Axis Sport Disc wheels, ensuring that you’ll keep rolling without trouble, mile after mile.

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Mitch’s Brew Nights

Mitch’s Brew Night was a blast!

Thank you all who came out last Saturday to enjoy Mitch’s Brew with us and 102.9 the WHQG last Friday! For those who couldn’t make it, Mitch from 102.9 the WHQG came by to let us try out his new signature “Mitch’s Brew” a Belgian Style Ale crafted by Sprecher Brewery.