Trek 100

2018 Trek 100 – Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer


One Mile at a Time

VeloCity put together a fund raising team for the Trek 100 which raises money for the MACC fund and Vélocity’s owner John’s step brother Steve was part of the team. Brett Farve and Jens Voight came out to support the cause. This ride is considered one of the top charity rides in the nation and is right here in Wisconsin. Over the past thirty years they have raised over $29 million. See Steve’s comments below regarding the last part of his 100k ride.

“Another great day for the Trek 100!   I was riding in a larger group, and the two guys pulling (leading) waved the next two guys up.  One guy yelled back “we need another horse to pull, who will join me?”  So I biked to the front.  The other lead? Mr. Jens Voigt!   He said “Steve, you determine the speed, and I’ll match the tempo, no problems”.  So I biked with Jens Voight for the final 14 miles of the Trek, averaging 21-22mph.  My heart was racing, my legs were aching, but no way was I going to pass up the opportunity to bike side by side with Jens Voight, the 2008 Tour De France team winner.  We talked about his races, highlights, kids (he has 6 kids from 7 years to 22 years old), families, countries, and of course Trek. It was a truly a great day for me.”


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