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Question: What is the single most important step you can take following your cycling or cross country skiing workout?

Answer: Get a high-quality post-workout nutritional product into your body to start the recovery process. Nutritional experts recommend doing this within 20 minutes of completing your workout. An easy and effective approach for cyclists and skiiers is to use a product that you can mix inside your water bottle. Hammer Recoverite is a great example of this! We are proud to be an authorized Hammer Nutrition dealer and have a wide variety of Recoverite flavors in stock now. 

Recoverite Info:

  • Restores muscle glycogen
  • Rebuilds muscle tissue
  • Reduces muscle cramping
  • Reduces soreness & fatigue


Highly effective and utterly delicious, Recoverite provides exactly what your body needs to reap the most from your activity—a 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates to premium whey protein isolate, three grams of L-glutamine, key recovery benefiting auxiliary nutrients, and a full spectrum of electrolytes.

Use immediately following workouts and races to optimize recovery – glycogen replacement, electrolyte replacement, and muscle tissue repair. Recoverite can also be used as a Meal Replacement Product (MRP). 

Single Servings ($4.49); 16 Serving Tub ($34.99); and 32 Serving Tub ($59.99).  

Recoverite also comes in a vegan/gluten-free formulation! 

***Not sure what flavor to get? Ask for a free single serving sample to try before you buy.


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